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Creating a New Item

Sometimes you want to eat a food item or recipe that doesn't exist in the Cracked database but you still want to track it. Learn how!

Creating a New Item

To start creating a new item click the 'Create New' button on right side of the header on the 'Add Item' of 'My Items' page. 

Basic or Recipe?

After clicking the 'Create New' button you will be given the choice of creating a Basic item or a Recipe. 

Basic: Simple Item with no sub items (i.e. potato chips)

Recipe: Item with sub items (i.e. protein shake)

Item Information

Fill in the information for the item you want to add and add a picture (optional).

If you set 'Standalone Item' to true, this item will be included in the meal generation algorithm automatically!

Hit the 'Save' button in the top right part of the header and you have a new item!

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