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Creating a Meal Plan

After completing the sign in flow you can enter the meal plan section of the app by clicking the meal plan tab at the bottom of the screen

Choosing a Start Date

When you enter the meal plan tab you will automatically be directed to the current day. If you want to start a plan or have a plan on a different date you can press the date title at the top of the screen and choose a date from the modal that appears.

Creating a Meal Plan

1. Generate New Meal Plan: we take your macronutrient goals from your profile and try to create meal plans that get you as close to them as possible.  2. Create Empty Meal Plan: you can start a meal plan from scratch and add items from the 'Add Items' page to build a meal plan the way you like it.

Meal Plan Controls

Once you create your meal plan you will see controls appear at the top (from left to right):  1. Refresh: run your meal plan through the meal generator to get a different result 2. Add Item: view items and recipes to add to your meal plan 3. Nutrition: view the calories and macronutrient breakdown of your meal plan 4. Grocery list: view all the items in your meal plan in a convenient organized grocery list. 5. Edit: option to delete meal plan

Item Controls

Each food items has its own controls to allow quick edits (from left to right):  1. Refresh: replace this item with one nutritionally similar 2. Find and Replace: displays nutritionally similar items and allows you to select the one you want 3. Pin: pins the item to your meal plan so it can persist a meal plan refresh 4. Delete: removes this item from your meal plan

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